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Paola Demattè Lectures at Ricci Institute, University of San Francisco

Paola Demattè (Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture) was invited to present a paper at the international symposium Reimagining the Globe and Cultural Exchange: From the World Maps of Ricci and Verbiest to Google Earth which took place at the Ricci Institute (University of San Francisco) on 22nd-24th April 2016. Prof. Demattè’s paper was […]

Rongbaozhai Hand Wood Block Printers to Visit RISD

  RISD Department of Printmaking, with the support of the Global Engagement and Curricular Development Fund, is proud to host three experts from the woodblock printing studio of Rongbaozhai (Beijing, China). Rongbaozhai, Studio of Glorious Treasures, began as a paper and stationary shop founded over 300 years ago. It is a joint private-government owned publishing […]

Feld “Mapmaking” in Hangzhou

Gabriel Feld (Professor, Architecture) just returned from Hangzhou, China, where he taught a five-week workshop at the CAA (China Academy of Art). The course was titled “Mapmakings” and studied eight rural villages through two-dimensional, three-dimensional and time-based maps. While in China I was also invited to lecture at Renmin University in Beijing.

Tagiuri Preserving the Past for the Future

The Ningbo Cultural Center, designed by Peter Tagiuri (Professor, Architecture), is finishing construction and is slowly being occupied. The Center is a series of seven buildings linked by courtyards and a canal, and a low rise “park” amidst 20-30 story buildings, built over a destroyed neighborhood. Tagiuri was invited to compete for the design of a […]