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Cavicchi Contributes to New Grammy Museum Mississippi

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story on the newly-opened Grammy Museum Mississippi, for which Daniel Cavicchi (Dean, Liberal Arts) has been working as a consulting writer. He wrote scripts for five short films in the Culture Shock exhibit, updating a concept he had developed for Los Angeles’ Grammy Museum in 2008, and researched […]

Cavicchi publishes essay on “Audience History”

The latest issue of Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, History (Vol 6, 2014) features two essays by Daniel Cavicchi (Dean, Liberal Arts): “Fandom Before ‘Fan’: Shaping the History of Enthusiastic Audiences” and a review of Anahid Kassabian’s “Ubiquitous Listening: Affect, Attention, and Distributed Subjectivity.” Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, History is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal published once […]