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Taborska lecture in Warsaw

Agnieszka Taborska (Senior Lecturer, HAVC) gave a lecture on female Surrealists at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland. The lecture was about the myth of a muse / femme-enfant / sorceress as well as about the recently “discovered” eminent female Surrealists: Leonora Carrington, Gisèle Prassinos, Claude Cahun, Dora Maar, and others.

Taborska Featured in TheCultureTrap

Agnieszka Taborska (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) recently had her book, The Unfinished Life of Phoebe Hicks, featured in the 10 Best Polish Books Coming Out in Translation This Year. The book is illustrated by RISD alumna Selena Kimball (Sculpture, 1997) and recounts the fictional life of Phoebe Hicks a spiritualist whose […]

Gizycki and Taborska Present Films at National Gallery, DC

Marcin Gizycki (Senior Lecturer, HAVC) and Agnieszka Taborska (Senior Lecturer, HAVC) recently presented a selection of films from the Animator Festival in Poznan, Poland at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. Gizycki is the Festival Artistic Director and Taborska has curated two programs and given lectures at Animator festival conferences. Anìmator, the largest animation festival […]

Taborska Publishes ‘Planet Topor: Abram, Roland, Nicolas’

  Agnieszka Taborska (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) has published an essay in the bilingual (Polish and French) book Planet Topor: Abram, Roland, Nicolas. It is the first publication devoted to the three generations of artists, namely, the well-known Roland (painter, cartoonist, and writer), his father Abram, and son Nicolas.  

Taborska Featured in ‘Best European Fiction 2017’

Agnieszka Taborska (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) has had excerpts from her book, Not a in Paradise, featured in Best European Fiction 2017 published by Dalkey Archive Press. This annual publication presents one author per country and seeks to highlight the best prose writing happening across the continent.  Not as in Paradise is a collection […]

Taborska Books Excerpts Published in The Guardian

Excerpts from Agnieszka Taborska’s (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) book The Unfinished Life of Phoebe Hicks appeared in UK based newspaper The Guardian. The fictional story of Phoebe Hicks is as much about the inspired star of spiritualist séances, as it is about the place in which the action unfolds, namely nineteenth-century […]

Taborska Lectures at Animator Festival

Agnieszka Taborska (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) gave a paper entitled Down the Rabbit-Hole or a Voyage to the Other Side: the Alices of Švankmajer, Chabrol and Guillermo del Toro at the international conference From Starevich to Star Wars. The conference was part of the 9th International Animated Film Festival Animator in […]

Taborska at the Museum of the History of Katowice

Agnieszka Taborska (Senior Lecturer, HAVC) presented a lecture “Hans Bellmer, Unica Zurn and Headless Women” at Hans Bellmer exhibition in the Museum of the History of Katowice in Katowice, Pl, Bellmer’s place of birth. She discussed Bellmer and Zürn’s sadomasochistic yet artistically stimulating relationship, Bellmer’s Doll, Zürn’s drawings and novels, the Surrealists’ take on mental […]