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Bell Wins Blinder Award for SLICE: The Inhabited Facade

A post shared by DUAL (@thedualstudio) on Jul 11, 2017 at 7:00am PDT Jonathan Bell (Critic, Interior Architecture) and Ian Baldwin are recipients of the James Marston Fitch Charitable Foundation’s 2018 Richard R. Blinder Award for their project, SLICE: The Inhabited Facade. This competitive grant is “presented biennially to an architect or other professional in […]

Grugl & Wong Keeping History Above Water

Liliane Wong (Professor, Interior Architecture) and Michael Grugl (Critic, Interior Architecture) presented, Projecting Change, at the Keeping History Above Water conference in Annapolis, MD. Projecting Change was the work of Interior Architecture students in the MA in Adaptive Reuse class from Spring 2017 that utilized augmented and virtual reality to project visions for combating sea […]

Wong’s Adaptive Reuse Book Released in Europe

Liliane Wong (Professor, Interior Architecture) has recently published her new book, Adaptive Reuse: Extending the Lives of Buildings. The book is based on her class Theory of Adaptive Reuse and examines techniques for reusing and extending the live of existing structures. The adaptive reuse of buildings, where changes in the structure go along with new programs and […]

Riahi on “Rising Measures”

Pari Riahi (Critic, Interior Architecture) published an article in the Spring 2015 issue of the JAE (Journal of Architectural Education), titled: “Rising Measures.” The work expands on the methods implemented in a design studio, taught at INTAR last semester. Investigating the constellation of disembodied suburbs of Paris, the studio researched the potential means to transform […]

European launch of Int|AR Journal is cross-divisional endeavor

Int|AR Journal Volume 5 was launched in Europe this summer. Exploring the theme of “Resilence and Adaptability,” this issue emerged out of dialogue between the Department of Interior Architecture and the Division of Liberal Arts. Editors in chief Markus Berger (Associate Professor, Interior Architecture) and Liliane Wong (Professor, Interior Architecture) and Graphic Design editor Ernesto Aparicio […]

Wong lectures on Future of Historic Cities: Managing Change

Liliane Wong (Professor, Interior Architecture) discussed adaptive reuse as a viable option for historic structures at the speaker series “Future of Historic Cities: Perspectives on Managing Change,” sponsored by the van Beuren Charitable Foundation.  The topic, “The Road to Immortality: Adaptive Reuse Past and Present,” was presented at the Stanford White Casino Theatre, Newport, R.I.

Benamor Duarte, Boroson, Wong and MA INTAR 2013 at National Academy, NY

The monumental technical textile intervention to the National Landmark Newport Congregational Church, the work produced by the Interior Architecture MA class of 2013 in a cross disciplinary studio co-taught by Eduardo Benamor-Duarte (Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture) and Liliane Wong (Professor, Interior Architecture) and Lee Boroson (Senior Critic, Sculpture), will be part of an exhibit at […]

Wong on RI NPR’s “Bottom Line”

Liliane Wong (Professor, Interior Architecture) recently spoke about “Redesigning Historic Spaces” with show host Dave Fallon on “The Bottom Line,” Rhode Island National Public Radio’s weekly business segment. In the ten minute segment, which aired in July, they discussed adaptive reuse – the promise and challenges of turning old buildings into new spaces – for […]