RISD Global: Faculty Fellowship


RISD Global + Academic Affairs invites interested RISD faculty to apply for the RISD Global Faculty Fellowship in AY2017-2018 to explore global issues facing our world. Fellows should be committed to research and practices that seek to critically engage how artists, designers, cultural producers and scholars can respond to, or comment on, such global challenges towards positive impact.

The RISD Global Faculty Fellowship program is designed to facilitate full- and part-time faculty members from across disciplines in research, teaching, social justice and public engagement that focus on, and question, the intersections between globalization and art and design at RISD, and in the world. One fellowship is available in AY2017-2018.

During the one-year appointment, the Global Faculty Fellow will receive a teaching release to spend time in residence in the RISD Global Office, with additional time spent embedded within an off-campus site relevant to their research. The time off-campus may span one to three weeks, and can take place during the period of the fellowship or outside of the academic year. A goal for the off-campus component of the fellowship is to more deeply engage colleagues (and potential partners) outside of RISD with research and teaching connected to global discourse as it relates to art and design practices. The Fellow, working with the RISD Global office, will develop ways to share, make visible, and present their work and engagements during the off-site portion to RISD communities in Providence and across the world.

On-campus, the Fellow will have an office in the RISD Global suite (3rd floor of Prov/Wash), they will be supported with research resources, and administrative support for the fellowship programming. They will be expected to curate a speaker series with both public and internal events on campus, to foreground how issues of globalization impact art and design pedagogy and practices today. Through this program, the Fellow will bring to campus a diverse set of perspectives and expertise on the broad topic, as well as their own research.

RISD’s Global Office is a hub for discourse and cross-cultural exchange that supports students, faculty and members of the RISD community on campus and in the world. It is committed to developing and sustaining opportunities, programs and networks that address the challenges, meanings, and significance of art and design in a global context, and inspiring creative agents for a changing world. The Global Faculty Fellowship program advances RISD Global’s goal of addressing the challenges, meanings and importance of art and design in a global context and invites the selected faculty member to respond to this during the fellowship.

The RISD Global Faculty Fellowship should enhance and advance the Faculty Fellow’s own research, creative, scholarly and/or social justice work, and teaching practices, as well as the educational mission of RISD at-large and in the world. Fellows should engage audiences in the academic community and beyond to stimulate and deepen discourse around globalization, global issues and art and design today. On completion of the annual appointment, the Fellow will also make a presentation to staff and faculty about this work. A written report on the results of the fellowship also is required.

Global Faculty Fellows are released from teaching one course per year (part-time faculty will receive a stipend). Fellows are expected to be resident in the RISD Global Office on an established schedule during the academic year, as determined by the Fellow and RISD Global office.

The Fellow will receive support for the travel component of the fellowship and have access to resources to bring relevant speakers, artists, scholars, and critics to campus to engage with the broader community. A committee composed of members of the Provost’s Council and RISD Global Office will select one Faculty Fellow for 2017-18.

Application Requirements

Statement of interest (~1000 words) describing the scope and purpose of the project that you wish to develop as a RISD Global Faculty Fellow, including details of your vision and goals for the off-campus “sited” portion of the fellowship (including location, potential partner organizations, potential archives/research centers, etc.);

  • The qualifications and experiences that will enable you to participate in the RISD Global Fellows program, including evidence of your interest in the intersections between globalization and art and design today;
  • How the RISD Global Faculty Fellowship will support your work and teaching practice, and the kind of research you envision during the Fellowship period,
  • What you intend to offer to the RISD Global Office, the academic community and the public, and
  • The impact your work will have on your field and the issues/challenges you wish to address/engage/study.

Letter from your Dean supporting the application. Please consult with your Dean and Department Head in advance of submitting an application so that departmental course tables can be adjusted accordingly.

Proposal deadline: November 18th

The selection committee will announce the RISD Global Faculty Fellow in December, 2016 for the fellowship commencing September 2017.

For more information contact:

Tracie Costantino, Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty

To apply:

Please submit a Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal Form. Academic Affairs will open a secure Google page for you to upload your proposal documents.