New Faculty Research and Development Grants

As a companion to the New Faculty Seminar, the New Faculty Research and Development grant is intended to support you as you establish your teaching, research, professional and creative practice as a member of the RISD faculty.  Through a proposal process, $1,500 grants are available each academic year. This grant is supported through the Surdna Faculty Development fund.

Who is eligible: All full-time new faculty (eligible for critical review) in their first year and not on term appointment

How to apply:

·         Prepare a 750-word proposal for using the grant funds to advance an aspect of your teaching, research, or professional practice as a new member of the RISD faculty.

·         Prepare a budget with accompanying justification for how the grant funds will be spent in relation to your proposal.

·         Submit the proposal and budget to Patricia Barbeito, Dean of Faculty at

·         Deadline: First Wednesday in November

·         Proposals will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Provost

Please consult with Patricia Barbeito on the development of your proposal.

Janine Connelly in Academic Affairs oversees the spending of grant funds.  Grants are not distributed as cash awards to faculty and as such are not taxable income. Non-allowable expenses include: artist fees to be paid to the applicant, per diem/food costs during travel, first class travel or luxury accommodations, ordinary operating costs such as rent, utilities insurance for studios, or capital expenses.

Grant funds must be spent by June 30 of the academic/fiscal year in which they were awarded. The grant is non-renewable.

A final report is due June 30 of the academic/fiscal year in which they were awarded.