Conference and Presentation Fund

Participation in professional conferences and presentation opportunities allow RISD faculty, librarians and museum curators to share their research, professional and creative activity, and scholarly work to a broader audience, enriching their teaching and professional practice, and enhancing the visibility of RISD’s role as a leader in the global discourse about art and design. In recognition of the value this brings to faculty members, librarians, curators, and to the institution, Academic Affairs administers a fund to support those who have been invited to engage an audience in dialogue about their work (such as a conference, workshop or gallery talk). This fund supplements travel, conference, and professional development funds in departments and divisions.

Grants do not exceed $1,500. The application process requires that the department and/or division, Library or Museum also contribute funding. The application is available on the internal Academic Affairs website or by e-mailing

DEADLINE: rolling

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: All full-time faculty who are presenting at conferences or another professional venue; all part-time faculty with at least two years of service, and are presenting at conferences; librarians and museum curators

APPLICATIONS REVIEWED BY: Department Head and Dean

Janine Connelly