Academic Enrichment and Kyobo Funds

The Academic Enrichment Fund and the Kyobo Fund were established to support interdisciplinary teaching and learning. In alignment with RISD’s strategic plan, these funds will allow us to enrich curriculum offerings, and respond to dynamic, contemporary opportunities in areas of interest to students and faculty at RISD. Each year, a number of courses that fall outside the normal degree program curricula and promote exchange and interaction between faculty members and students in different departments and divisions are supported through these funds. These courses are intended to build from our base of disciplinary depth to advance curricular development in crossover areas and develop new areas of faculty expertise. At the same time, these courses often afford students access to a broader range of learning opportunities, including opportunities for interdisciplinary, collaborative, or engaged work.

Courses may be team-taught, interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary. For students, the courses count as non-major studio electives. No pre-registration of majors is allowed for courses sponsored by the Fund. The Fund may also provide support for specialized equipment or other materials required to offer the course.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Open to all full-time faculty and to part-time faculty who have completed two years of service.

• Courses should be open to students from all departments
• No prerequisites should be required
• Courses should accommodate a minimum of ten students per faculty
• Team-taught (between faculty from two departments/divisions) or multi-disciplinary are encouraged

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Application forms may be requested by by submitting a Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal form. The application, Course Proposal Form, and syllabus must be signed by the faculty member(s), department head(s), and dean(s), and forwarded to Academic Affairs by the Division Office.

REVIEWED BY: Deans’ Council

CONTACT: Patricia Barbeito
Acting Dean of Faculty

DEADLINE: First Wednesday in November