Digication Troubleshooting

Digication Troubleshooting (FAQs and Common Errors)


Do all Faculty & Students have a Digication account?
Yes, all active faculty and students have an account.

How do Brown students taking RISD classes obtain an account?
Brown Students registered for a RISD class can obtain a RISD Account username and password by visiting the OIT Help Desk with their ID and class registration form.

Do Staff have a Digication account?
No, this service is primarily used by faculty & students. 

How do I access Digication?
Visit: http://risd.digication.com.  Login with your RISD Account (Email, Network, and WebAdvisor) username and password and click the Submit button. The information submitted to and stored within the system is password protected and is only accessible by students and faculty participating in RISD courses.


Common Errors

Cannot login to Digication

Verify you are using your RISD Account (Email, Network, and WebAdvisor) credentials and confirm your account login is also working in Email and in WebAdvisor.

Yes, account login is working in RISD mail and Web Advisor but not in Digication. Contact Digication to confirm that your user profile information exists in system.

No, account login is NOT working with my RISD mail or Web Advisor. Your RISD Account password may need to be changed. Visit the self service password change service http://pwchange.risd.edu to change your password or contact the OIT Help Desk.

My class information in Digication is not accurate

Contact the OIT Help Desk. The Help Desk will attempt to resolve the issue and follow up with caller. Or if needed, OIT will reach out to Digication to help with resolution and Digication will follow up with caller. In the event a permanent resolution is not available, a work around will be posted to appropriate sites for faculty reference.


Support Contacts:

RISD Technical Support
Contact: OIT Help Desk

Digication Application and Service Support
Contact: Digication
[Tel] 1.888.342.DIGI
[Fax] 1.401.633.6131
[Email] info@digication.com