Associate Provost & Dean of Faculty

Tracie Costantino, Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty
20 Washington Place, Room 409

The Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty has primary responsibility for managing the recruitment, hiring and appointment of new faculty, faculty orientation, the process of faculty reappointment and review, the faculty mentoring program, and the development and oversight of a range of programs and opportunities for faculty across career stages.


Margaret Lewis, Director of Academic Administration
20 Washington Place, Room 422

The Director of Academic Administration as Secretary to the Committee on Faculty Appointments coordinates the evaluation, reappointment and promotion process for faculty, participates in the negotiation of and administers the faculty union contracts, is the campus contact for faculty immigration issues and short-term visitors, is the Responsible Officer of RISD’s Department of State  Exchange Visitor’s Program, and does research and data analysis in support of the Provost and Dean of Faculty.


Amy Horschak, Assistant Director, Learning Technologies


Who reports to the Associate Provost and Dean of the Faculty?

Nicole DaCruz
Administrative Assistant

Timothy Sandiford
Division Assistant