Sabbatical Presentations

Sabbatical Presentations Scheduled

Three Sabbatical Presentations have been scheduled for the month of October. Gather in the Tap Room, Memorial Hall (top floor), 266 Benefit St. to hear from: Mike Fink:  “Roger Williams: Image & Words” October 10th 12:30 – 1:00 Bruce Chao:  “Nature, Cultured, More” October 31st 12:00 – 12:30 Leslie Fontana:  “Sabbatical Work” October 31st 12:30 […]

Spring Lunchtime Sabbatical Series- Join Us!

Lunchtime Sabbatical Series: Spring 2011 This year there are a total of seventeen faculty members returning from sabbatical.  The sabbatical leave provides an opportunity for faculty to pursue their own creative practice or scholarly work in myriad ways. By viewing and discussing the results of sabbaticals we come to know and appreciate the creative and […]