Liberal Arts

David Jhave Johnston Events and RISD & BROWN

RISD Liberal Arts (Research Collaboration and Event Grant) and RISD Computation Technology and Culture Concentration (CTC) are delighted to present two events by David Jhave Johnston, author of Aesthetic Animism: Digital Poetry’s Ontological Implications (The MIT Press 2016): Wednesday 4/18, Old Library, CB 521, 7:00pm Writing with A.I. and Machine Learning A 30 minute multimedia […]

Maltz-Leca Book Published

Leora Maltz-Leca (Associate Professor, History of Art + Visual Culture) has had her book, Wiliam Kentridge: Process as Metaphor & Other Doubtful Enterprises, published by the University of California Press. Richard Shiff (Effie Marie Cain Regents Chair in Art, University of Texas at Austin) said of the book “With prose as lucid as it is erudite, […]

THAD Academic Program Review Campus Visit

Related to Theory + History of Art & Design (THAD formally HAVC) self-study, an Academic Program Review (APR) team will visit RISD, April 2 through April 4 2018. The members of the panel are: Dr. Steven Henry Madoff, THAD APR Chair; Chair, MA Curatorial Practice Program: School of Visual Arts Brocket Horne, Chair, Graphic Design: […]

Kosmider Documentary, TransJourney, Shows on RI PBS

Alexia Kosmider (Senior Lecturer, Literary Arts + Studies) recently had her documentary, TransJourney, shown on Rhode Island PBS. From Rhode Island to Seattle, Sandra embarks on a cross-country road trip to share in the world of her former son, now Annabelle, recently transitioned as a woman. As Sandra learns from Annabelle’s mentor Shannon, an older transgender […]

Rihouet Publishes and Lectures

Pascale Rihouet (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) recently had her research paper, Public Life in Perugia and the Material Culture of the Annunziata Confraternity, 14th-17th centuries, published in Material Culture. Presence and Visibility of Artists, Guilds, Brotherhoods in the Pre-modern Era. Rihouet was also the guest lecturer for a cycle dedicated to the […]

Rihouet Presents and Publishes

Pascale Rihouet (Senior Lecturer, Histroy of Art + Visual Culture) has presented her research at the conference on, Flags, Identity, Memory: Critiquing the Public Narrative through Color at the Université de Lille. She gave a talk entitled, Flags and their Public Life in Medieval and Renaissance Italy (law, art, and ritual), on 9th February 2018. Rihouet’s research […]

Taborska Essay Selected as Best of Asymptote

Agnieszka Taborska (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) is among the authors selected from the best texts from past issues of Asymptote. Taborska’s essay, The Sea, or the Poet at Work, was chosen by the editors. Sasha Burik said that “Agnieszka Taborska’s The Sea, or the Poet at Work, translated from the Polish by […]

Lambrecht Reviews Tanzanian Talk

Winnie Lambrecht (Senior Lecturer, History of Art + Visual Culture) recently reviewed, Popobawa: Tanzanian Talk, Global Misreadings, by Katrina Daly Thompson (Indiana University Press, 2017) in the Spring 2018 edition of the Journal of Folklore Research and International Journal of Folklore and Ethnomusicology.