David Jhave Johnston Events and RISD & BROWN

RISD Liberal Arts (Research Collaboration and Event Grant) and RISD Computation Technology and Culture Concentration (CTC) are delighted to present two events by David Jhave Johnston, author of Aesthetic Animism: Digital Poetry’s Ontological Implications (The MIT Press 2016):

Wednesday 4/18, Old Library, CB 521, 7:00pm
Writing with A.I. and Machine Learning
A 30 minute multimedia talk outlining potential impacts of deep learning on authors followed by open discussion and a rapid writing workshop where participants will be invited to carve their own poems/writings from computer-generated spew.

Thursday 4/19, Old Library, CB 521, 1:10-4:10pm
Aesthetic Animism: Digital Poetry’s Ontological Implications
Presentation + Critiques

David Jhave Johnston will also be participating in International Fiction Now, celebrating Robert Coover and the International Writers Project, Brown University in the following event:

Wednesday 4/18, McCormack Family Theater, 70 Brown Street, 2:00pm
From Electronic Writing to Digital Language Art
Presentations by Robert Arellano, John Cayley, Samantha Gorman, David Jhave Johnston, Ian Hatcher and Benjamin Moreno Ortiz.

All welcome!