Sabbatical Presentations: Part 3

Academic Affairs would like to inform faculty of the upcoming dates for the second part of the 2017 Sabbatical Presentations.


WEDNESDAY, 04/19/17, 15 West (Library) Room 228

12:00PM: Ann Fessler ‘What About the Fathers?’

12:45PM: Andrew Raftery ‘The Autobiography of a Garden’


THURSDAY, 04/2017, 189 Canal Street (Apparel Design), Room 210B

12:00PM: Dean Snyder ‘Guggenheim Fellowship Work’

12:45PM: Catherine Andreozzi ‘Cows and Sheep…..Everywhere’


WEDNESDAY, 04/26/17, Illustration Studies Building Gallery

12:00PM: Satoru Minami ‘Japanese Painting: Characteristics and Expressive Qualities’

12:45PM: Monika Niwelinska ‘Hidden Entropy’


THURSDAY, 04/27/17, Old Library (CB 521)

12:00PM: Andrew Freiband ‘Knowledge from Narrative: Fine Artists’ Literacies in Applied Research’

2017 Sabbatical Presentations