Sabbatical Presentation Digested: Week One



Duane Slick (Professor, Painting) gave his Sabbatical Presentation on Thursday, 2nd March 2017. His presentation entitled, The Faraway Invisible, concentrated on his time at the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans where he was an artist-in-residence.

Slick reflected in his talk on the Mardi Gras Indians  a group of people, in large part, based in the African-American communities of New Orleans who wear elaborately beaded and sculpted costumes based partly on Plains Indian culture. Slick spoke about his own thoughts on this deeply rooted cultural tradition as he viewed it through his own upbringing in the native communities based in Iowa. He also touched upon the environmental dislocation of the Houma Nation by erosion of the Louisiana coastline.

Finally, the presentation turned towards his work at the Joan Mitchell Center, which was based upon the manipulation of cast shadows into increasingly abstract forms influenced by the color palette of the Mississippi River. Slick went on to talk about his group exhibition with Martin Smick (Critic, Painting) at the Fruitlands Museum. The exhibition entitled, Finding Metacom, was orientated around the war club of Metacomet a leader of the Wampanoag tribe during King Philip’s War (1675-1678).

Upcoming Sabbatical Presentations

Markus Berger, Re-Making, Wednesday, 03/15/17 at 12:00PM in CB 346

Jonathan Highfield, Thinking and Writing About Food and Foodways, Thursday, 03/09/17, 12:00PM, Library 228