Professional Development Fund grants awarded

The Professional Development Fund Committee met mid-April to review project proposals submitted for its Spring 2015 funding cycle. The Committee is pleased to announce the following awards to:

Silvia Acosta (ARCH) – drawing and writing spatial concepts, islands of Seto, Sea of Japan

Eric Anderson (HAVC) – book project The Media of Objects: Design and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Vienna

Catherine Andreozzi (APPAR) – 3D printing technologies research

Michael Beaman (INTAR) – woven building systems for developing communities

Gina Borromeo (Museum) – presentation of ancient art

Paolo Cardini (ID) – “Fake in Italy” cultural exchange and objects’ identity

Angela Dufresne (PAINT) – cycle of monoprints

Mike Fink (LAS) – A 75-Year History of Learning and Teaching at RISD

Jonathan Highfield (LAS) – influence of colonialism on foodways

Julie Mallozzi (FAV) – documentary “The Circle: A Story of Murder and Reconciliation in Boston”

Khipra Nichols (ID) – bike frame building experience at Tokyo School of Bicycle Design

Jeung-Hwa Park (APPAR) – 3D and sculptural knitting

Pascale Rihouet (HAVC) – article research in Italy

Eric Telfort (ILLUS) – graphic novel research in Rio de Janeiro

Damian White (HPSS) – history and sociology of Swedish and Danish design