Health Services Excuse Policy

An update from Health Services…

The Health Services website provides the following information on our Excuse Policy for student. Faculty are asked to please note:  Sending a student to Health Services from class does NOT guarantee they will receive an excuse.  Students need to call for an appointment at all times.


Health Services does NOT excuse for minor illnesses. We WILL notify a student’s department and the Office of Student Affairs in the case of a debilitating illness, injury or hospitalization.   If you are not feeling up to class, it is your decision whether or not to miss class, and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact your instructors or departments if you are missing class due to a minor illness such as a common cold, headache, etc.

Lack of sleep is not an illness and we will NOT excuse a student for this reason.  If, however, you have symptoms that need to be evaluated, we will be happy to see you for those.  Time Management is very important to ALL students.  It is your responsibility to work things out with your instructor if you miss class.

If your instructor sends you to our office for an excuse, first of all, CALL to make an appointment before coming in.  WE DO NOT HAVE A WALK-IN CLINIC and you will have to be given a later appointment if you do walk in.  Once you are evaluated, then a medical professional can determine whether you are to be excused (making an appointment does NOT guarantee you will be excused).

Health Services will only verify a visit to our office, if requested by an instructor or department.  No other information will be given without the student’s permission.

Health Services